Some old, Something new…

Product Highlights

We all have our go to beverages, but sometimes it’s fun to step outside our norms and experience something new. With that in mind, we want to highlight a few products that just may tickle your fancy.
milam greene
Milam & Greene Whiskey: The Castle Series/ Batch 2

55.5 % ABV

This is the second release in their limited-edition batch of straight bourbon whiskies. It leans hard into the art of blending by marrying liquid from 26 barrels of 13- and 14-year-old bourbons, sourced from Tennessee, and is bottled at cask strength.

A deep burnt amber color with scents of warm peach cobbler, brown sugar, and vanilla with hints of almond and milk chocolate. The mouth feel is velvety, with flavors of caramel, cinnamon, cherry, vanilla, and tobacco. The finish is long and warm. 

Perfect for special occasion sipping and new bourbon collectors.

Calumet Farm Bourbon: 16 year

53% ABV

Some critics have called this the best bourbon of 2022. At 16 years old, it’s Calumet Farm’s oldest and highest proof offering to date. Made from a blend of 19 barrels that were distilled and aged in Bardstown, KY. It’s non-chill filtered, has a bold pallet, and a balanced finish.

The color is deep mahogany with golden highlights. The nose imparts notes of charred wood, toasted almonds and fresh-cut summer hay. The taste starts with warm rye spice then leads to cherries, dark fruits, fresh baked bread and toasted toffee. The finish is lighter than expected with a subtle warmness.

oak and eden
Oak and Eden: Inspired Series

45% ABV

Oak and Eden are known as the pioneers of in-bottle finishing. This technique starts with their whiskey (that’s been aged 3+ years in American Oak barrels) then bottles it with a wooden spire. This wooden spire replicates double barrel aging and is fashioned from the same species of oak and treatment as barrel oak.

*Pro-tip: Craft beer homebrewers can use these spires in the fermentation process to produce “ barrel aged” flavors.

The “ Inspired Series” includes:

Bourbon finished with a toasted American Oak spire.

Wheated bourbon finished with a toasted French Oak spire.

Four grain bourbon finished with a toasted American Oak spire.

Rye whiskey finished with a charred American Oak spire

vida cana
Vida Caña Rum: Panama

40% ABV

This is the oldest expression in the series, aged 18 years. Vida Caña rum is the brainchild of two Texans who source the purest extractions of sugar canes from the Dominican Republic, Andes, Panama, and the U.S.

Panama rests for 18 years in new and repurposed bourbon oak barrels. It is deliciously complex yet seriously smooth,
making it best appreciated neat or on the rocks.

Part of Vida Caña’s purpose is to give back to the beaches and waters that they grew up enjoying, so $1 from every bottle sold goes to the Texas Sealife Center.